Sweater Gallery


In addition to the 60 sweaters featuring Lou Reed images and lyrics that appear in the Lou Reed Gallery, eight other groups of sweaters are shown below: Early efforts and fab faves; Rock’n’roll tributes; Legendary ladies; Artist tributes – Technicolour dreams; Andy Warhol tributes; Vasarely rules; Multicolour; 2 tone optical.

Early efforts and fab faves



The sweaters in this group were designed in the 70s

Rock’n’roll tributes

Joy - based on a photograph of Bob Marley

Bob Marley

Legendary ladies

Bette Davis

Bette Davis

Artist tributes -Technicolour dreams

Images based on Andy Warhol's Marilyn paintings

Andy’s Marilyn

These sweaters were designed for an exhibition called Deeply Superficial. They are tributes to some of my favourite artists. The backs feature a knitted representation of one of their works; the fronts, a relevant quote from the artist. When viewed through chroma depth glasses, they have a strong 3 dimensional effect; the different colours appear to float in layers at different distances in front of (or in some cases behind) the surface of the garments.

Andy Warhol tributes

Andy (based on Self Portrait, 1967)

Andy’s Self Portrait (1967)

These sweaters are in tribute to Andy Warhol. The images on the sweaters are knitted interpretations of some of his paintings and screen prints; the words are quotes from his books and interviews.

Vasarely rules

Domestic Goddess (1 of 9)

These sweaters are representations of some of Hungarian artist Victor Vasarely’s optical illusions.




2 tone optical