I’ll be your mirror

lo res Tribute Poster

In 2014 an exhibition called I’ll be your mirror was held to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Lou Reed’s first tour of Australia.

Background: In 1974 a woman wearing a Transformer sweater attended Lou Reed’s first press conference in Sydney. Lou asked her to pass the following message on to the woman who had made it: “I’ve decided not to sue and would like to order 20”. Which he did. For the final performance in Sydney his band and crew came out on stage wearing Transformer sweaters.

More than 50 sweaters featuring Lou Reed images and lyrics were on display, including a special set of 11 Transformer sweaters, one for each song on the album, featuring a large image of Lou on the back and quotes from the lyrics on the front, which were designed for the occasion. The exhibition also featured photos of people wearing the sweaters, taken by Katrina Mathieson. The exhibition included multimedia projections, and on opening night a live band performed Lou Reed songs.

I’ll be your mirror opened first at the Serpentine Gallery in Lismore:



The exhibition then moved on to the TAP Gallery in Sydney.