Artist tributes (technicolour dreams)

These sweaters are tributes to some of my favourite artists. On the back of each is an image based on one of the artist’s paintings; on the front, a relevant quote from the artist.

When viewed through chroma depth glasses, the images on these sweaters appear to float out at different distances in front of the sweater.

Salvador Dali

dali's couple with their heads in the clouds (front) - lo res dali's couple with their heads in the clouds (back) - for 'fronts of technicolour dreams'




escher's rind (front) - lo res escher's rind (back) - lo res

Roy Lichtenstein

lichtenstein's art (front) - lo res lichtenstein's art (back) - lo res

Rene Magritte

magritte's bells (front) - lo res magritte's bells (back) - for magritte page

Complete Collection (147 of 180) Complete Collection (148 of 180)


Vincent van Gogh

Sunflowers - lo res (1 of 1) van gogh's sunflowers (front) - lo res

Victor Vasarely

Vasarely's zebras  (front) vasarely's zebras (back) - for 'vasarely rules' page

Andy Warhol

technicolour andy (back) - for 'andy warhol' page tecnicolour andy (front) - lo res

thumbid51585.jpeg marilyn (front) - lo res